Commercial Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Delivery

O’Connell Oil understands how important quality fuel is to your commercial operation, especially during the busy seasons. Having a dependable company you can rely on when it comes to getting your fuel on time can make a big difference in your bottom line at the end of the day. When you choose us to power your commercial business operation, you are choosing a quality fuel product at a competitive price with the exceptional service you deserve and can count on.



O’Connell Oil offers two grades of gasoline. We offer a standard 87 octane gas that contains 10% ethanol, and for your older equipment and small engines, we also offer an 89 octane gas with no ethanol.


Diesel Fuel

Our ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel can be used to power a wide range of business and recreational vehicles and energy equipment. Diesel is a top choice among farmers and farms worldwide to ensure effective operation of tractors and farming equipment—as well as commercial business owners and construction sites that need to power fleets, forklifts, etc.


Commercial Fuel Delivery

Western Massachusetts business owners and farmers have come to appreciate and depend on O’Connell Oil’s efficient and punctual delivery service to keep their commercial enterprise operation moving. We know that even the slightest delay costs time and efficiency during your peak busy seasons. That’s why we are committed to making on-time deliveries, every time. When you’re in need of reliable and efficient fuel delivery for your business or farm, look no further than O’Connell Oil.