Affordable Heating Service Plans in Massachusetts

If you’re looking for ways to save on your oil heat expenses during the cold, hard, Western Massachusetts winters, we have good news. At O’Connell Oil, we offer three different levels of service plans to help you meet your heating needs during the cold season.

Comfortable Family Home in Western MA

What Our Service Plans Provide

  • Safety Inspection: Our technicians will conduct a safety inspection to make sure all parts of your heating system are functioning safely and correctly.
  • Annual Tune-Up: An annual tune-up will keep your heating system running at maximum efficiency and with the best fuel economy.
  • Discount on Parts and Labor: Each of our three plans comes with varying options for major discounts on parts and labor. Parts and filters are normally included with the tune-up, and other parts and labor will be discounted according to the plan of your choice.
  • Ultrasonic Tank Test and Replacement Payment: Our inspection enables us to evaluate the safety of your tank and help you with replacement costs should you need to replace your tank.

If an oil heating service plan sounds right for your home, our Efficiency, Efficiency Plus, and Platinum Service Plans have something for everyone and can help any family in Western Massachusetts save money during the heating season.